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  • Next gen K9 and patrol cars
  • 2010 Chevrolet Impala Police Package Unmarked Traffic- Liberty City Police Department
  • Hungry Much?
  • "This job sucks"


  • Since vehicle mods became possible in GTA V a few months ago, many modders require people to obtain permissions before converting a model from GTA IV. As many websites are handling this in different ways, I'd like to clarify our stance on the topic. Our terms of use state that all required rights have to be obtained before posting any form of content. To avoid confusion, we've recently added another term explicitly stating that modifictions without proper permission shouldn't be shown in the…
  • Hello all,

    After a lot of time and effort we're finally ready to launch our website. We can gladly say that we, as the members of Accurate Studio, finally have a place of our own now that we can call home and release our work on. Before, our modifications were spread around by means of various other websites instead of having a platform of our own to release on.

    Accurate Studio is a group of dedicated modders that aim to create both accurate and quality modifications for Grand Theft Auto 4 as…

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